Turn to AWD Specialists for professional door installation. Your door serves as both security and aesthetic element of your home. It’s important to install a door that not only fits your home’s exterior décor, but provides the right kind of function you’re looking for. From entry doors to patio doors to garden doors, AWD Specialists has the experience to complete your door installation. Winnipeg and area residents can contact our door experts to talk about which of the doors we supply is right for you and your home.


Choosing the Right Exterior Door

Exterior doors come in all shapes and sizes. At AWD Specialists in Winnipeg, we can install exterior doors of various materials including steel, fibreglass and wood. Figuring out which material will work best for your door can be tricky. There are a lot of factors to consider. If you aren’t sure what type of material to use for your door installation, Winnipeg’s AWD Specialists can help. Below we have listed out a few pros and cons of steel, fibreglass and wood exterior doors:



Pros: Steel exterior doors are perfect for the homeowner looking to save a little cash. It’s also a strong barrier against intruders.

Cons: Steel doors, however, may not last as long as fibreglass or wood if it handles a lot of force. It can dent easily from heavy use which can be difficult to repair. Exposure to salt air and heavy rain can also shorten its lifespan.



Pros: Looking for versatility? Fibreglass doors come in a wide variety of styles and colours. Some can even mimic the look of real wood. This type of door requires limited upkeep because it doesn’t expand or contract significantly with weather changes. You won’t have to worry about touching up paint or stains for a long time if the door is reasonably well protected. Thanks to its stout core, fibreglass doors can make it difficult for intruders to breach.

Cons: Fibreglass doors are more expensive than steel doors. Fibreglass doors are often manufactured in standard sizes which may make fitting an odd shaped door opening or older home with a fibreglass door difficult.



Pros: Wood doors can provide a gorgeous, high-end look to any home. The handcrafted style of an entry wood door can improve curb appeal and increase the value of your home.

Cons: Wood is the most expensive choice compared to fibreglass and steel. It also requires the most maintenance even if repairing scratches on a wood door is easier to do than fixing dents in steel or fibreglass. Wood doors need to be repainted and refinished every couple of years to keep it from splitting or warping.


Prepping for Your Door Installation

Having a new door installed? Follow these steps on how to prep your home for AWD Specialists’ visit:


  • If necessary, make arrangements with your alarm company for disconnection and reconnection of your alarm service
  • Remove interior blinds and brackets
  • Move furniture away from install area for maximum work space
  • Notify installation personnel of fragile items, e.g. recently painted rooms, plants, flower beds, etc.
  • Move smaller items away from work space and cover larger items (although in our best efforts to keep the installation area clean, a bit of wind with no window in place and a gust of wind can create a bit of dust)


What Our Door Installation Team Does During an Installation

AWD Specialists’ personnel execute the following steps during our door installation service:

  • Bring material as per agreement
  • Provide tarps
  • Install products
  • Clean work area, vacuum if necessary
  • Dispose of old products unless notified otherwise
  • Review final check with customer

If you are planning on adding a new entry, patio, or garden door to your home, get in touch with AWD Specialists to talk about the doors we carry and our installation service.