One of the many things to consider when contemplating home improvement projects is whether or not to replace an exterior door. From entry doors to patio and garden doors; door replacement can help improve not only the aesthetic of your home’s exterior, but provide a number of benefits like lowering energy costs. At AWD Specialists, we provide professional door replacement in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. AWD Specialists can offer sound advice on what type of door works best for your home. Contact us in Winnipeg to begin discussing your door replacement needs.


What to Consider When Replacing an Entry Door

Not sure if you should replace your exterior entry, patio or garden door? How do you know if your old door needs to be replaced? Well first look for weathering, scratches, and dents. Are there cracks or breaks along the door’s edges or panels? Does the door let in drafts? Do you notice that your heating or cooling bill is a bit too high? Your old door may not have been well sealed or insulated. Is it hard to close or lock your door? It may have warped over time. These signs may mean it’s time to replace your old door. AWD Specialists can provide the professional door replacement Winnipeg trusts.


Advantages of Replacing Your Old Door

Whether you are planning on moving out or simply want to renovate, replacing an old door with a brand new one provides many advantages. First off a new door provides much needed energy efficiency. New doors are much more likely to have proper insulation. AWD Specialists can also guarantee your new door is properly installed to prevent drafts and heat loss, saving you money in the long run on those energy bills. A new door will also improve the look of your home as well as provide security.

Full Frame Door Replacement

Doors can only be replaced with full frame replacement methods. What does this mean? A full frame means that the door as well as the frame is replaced. The existing door is first removed along with exterior trim (brickmould), the frame itself (jamb) and interior trim (casings). The new doors are manufactured with a new exterior trim (brickmould) to match the exterior measurements of the old units. The frames are also made to fit your wall thickness (jamb) and a new interior trim (casings) are installed. The new frames are also insulated to the rough opening and the exterior brickmould is caulked and/or sealed to your exterior finish. Benefits of full frame door replacement include less maintenance since the frame does not need to be painted, better energy efficiency and insulation, and an update look for your doors thanks to the new exterior and interior trim.