The main replacement style for windows and or doors is the full frame replacement. Doors can only be replaced as full frames. Another option for windows is the box units. Here’s the breakdown

The full frame is the most common and appropriate replacement style (however there are exceptions-see box units). The full frame will provide the long term satisfaction of;

-Maintenance Free-No more painting

-Pvc frames are much more efficient then the old wood or metal frames

-The comfort knowing your new frame is properly insulated to the rough opening (Stud to stud opening)

-New interior trims (Casings) will provide a fresh and updated look to go with the new windows and or doors.

Here’s how the full frames are done and the components included;

The existing window and or door frames are completely removed, which includes your exterior trim (Brickmould), the frame itself (Jamb) and interior trim (Casings). The new windows and doors are manufactured with a new exterior trim (Brickmould) to match the exterior measurements of the old units. The frames are also made to fit your wall thickness (Jamb) and a new interior trim (Casings) are installed. The new frames are also insulated to the rough opening and the exterior brickmould is caulked and or sealed to your exterior finish.

The box unit replacement (only for windows) is available if you’re not interested in having the existing frames removed. The box unit would be appropriate for extremely old homes which have beautiful character that you don’t want to compromise. The advantages with going with a box unit are;

-Maintain character of old window trims

-Increase efficiency without losing character

-Improve function and appearance

-Lower maintenance (Although frames are not removed, the exterior painting would only be necessary around the exterior trim and not around the glass area.)

Here’s how the box units are done and the components included;

The box units are installed into your existing frames as mentioned generally for older homes with check rails. The old check rail windows are the ones with an exterior wood storm window (often already replaced with an aluminum storm) and two individual wood sashes. The interior of the existing unit usually (unless it’s been compromised) has a stool and apron at the bottom (or larger sill extending past the interior wall). The first step is to remove the exterior storm sash, the interior wood stops are removed and the top and bottom interior sashes are also removed. The new PVC window is made to fit into the existing frame opening. The new window will set into the opening and up against the inside of the exterior blind stop (the trim which held the exterior storm in place). The new window is now insulated and a new interior vinyl stop is installed. This replacement can also be done for other old window styles but generally the installation would require a new interior and exterior stop.