If you’re looking to update your windows, but are content with your window’s existing size and shape, window replacement is the answer. Window replacement usually involves replacing the old window without disturbing the window opening area. Replacing a window means you are installing the same size window as your old one, saving you on the additional labour required when changing the window’s opening. AWD Specialists can provide both full frame and box unit window replacement in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. With many years of experience, our team comes prepared to handle a wide range of window replacement projects.


How Do You Know You Need Your Window Replaced?

Not sure if you need your windows replaced? AWD Specialists has gathered some tips on what to look for when considering window replacement in Winnipeg. One sign is high energy bills. Older windows aren’t as energy efficient as new models. Not only that, but poor initial installation can also mean that airtightness is comprised. Drafts or window glass being cold to the touch are signs that your window is not as airtight as you thought. The window may also be difficult to open which also indicates poor installation or warping by water damage. If water damage has already settled into your window frame and you find it impossible to repair or paint, then it’s probably time to replace the window. Please note that window replacement needs to be handled by a professional contractor. Given the complexity of installing windows for an airtight seal, it’s vital that an experienced installer like AWD Specialists handle the job.


Full Frame Window Replacement

One form of window replacement is the full frame replacement. Full frame replacement is similar to new construction installation because the entire window – glass, frame and sash – is removed for the new one. This type of window replacement offers superior airtightness. Full frame window replacement is usually the best option for old windows that have rotted frames, trim, casing or sill. If your window is out of square or you wish to change the size or shape of the window, full frame replacement is the most appropriate course of action.


What to Expect from a Full Frame Replacement

Full frame includes removing the old windows’ stops, lower sash, upper sash, exterior trim and interior casings and sill and frame. This will leave the rough opening visible for the replacement window. Our manufacturer North Star Windows & Doors® will create the new window with new exterior trim to match the exterior measurements. New frames are also made to fit your wall thickness, and the new interior trim is installed. We will also insulate your new frames to the opening, caulk the new exterior trim and seal any finishes.


Benefits of a Full Frame Replacement

Full frame is the most common and appropriate window replacement option. The new full frame can offer many benefits including being maintenance free as no more painting is required. PVC frames also provide more energy efficiency than old wood or metal frames. Your new frame will also be properly insulated to keep out water. Lastly, the new interior trims will give your home a fresh and updated look.


Box Unit Window Replacement

Not interested in removing the existing frames around your window opening? Then AWD Specialists recommends box unit window replacement. This type of window replacement involves replacing just the sash while leaving the frame intact. We will then supply the box unit that inserts into the old window’s frame, avoiding any disturbance to exterior and interior trims.

What to Expect from a Box Unit Window Replacement

The box units are installed into your existing frames as mentioned generally for older homes with check rails. The old check rail windows are the ones with an exterior wood storm window (often already replaced with an aluminum storm) and two individual wood sashes. The interior of the existing unit usually (unless it’s been compromised) has a stool and apron at the bottom (or larger sill extending past the interior wall). The first step is to remove the exterior storm sash, the interior wood stops are removed and the top and bottom interior sashes are also removed. The new PVC window is made to fit into the existing frame opening. The new window will be set into the opening and up against the inside of the exterior blind stop (the trim which held the exterior storm in place). The new window is now insulated and a new interior vinyl stop is installed. This replacement can also be done for other old window styles, but generally the installation would require a new interior and exterior stop.

Why Get a Box Unit Window Replacement?

AWD Specialists is well experienced in box unit window replacement. Winnipeg and area residents with extremely old homes may feature unique trims and frames that you don’t want replaced. Box unit replacement is perfect in this kind of scenario. It’s a type of replacement that can offer the increased energy efficiency, function and appearance of newer windows without compromising the beautiful character of your older window frames. New box unit windows means less maintenance as all you would need to do is paint the exterior trim and no around the glass area.

Contact AWD Specialists to discuss if box unit window replacement is right for your home.