AWD Specialists offers the professional window installation Winnipeg homeowners can trust for speed and efficiency. All of our installation team members are specialists at window installation having completed thousands of projects since 2001. While a window installation may seem straightforward, it actually involves great skill and knowledge. Our installation team can improvise on the job, tailoring our services to fit each job and the surprises it may entail. Everything from the removal and disposal of the old window to the new installation and finishing work is handled with the utmost professionalism. AWD Specialists take pride in our work no matter how big or small the job.

Effective Sealing for Your New Window Installation in Winnipeg

Why hire a professional for your window installation? Winnipeg’s AWD Specialists can ensure your windows are installed airtight to keep out water as well as improve energy efficiency when it comes to heating and cooling. If water is allowed to get into your windows, this leads to damage of interior finishes, wood rot or mould formation in the walls. Installing a window properly includes the proper installing of sill flashing and a drainage gap at the window sill. With over a decade of window installation experience, AWD Specialists knows just how to keep your new windows airtight, saving you from the cost of future repairs and replacements.


What to Expect from AWD Specialists’ Window Installation

When you hire AWD Specialists for your window installation, we come prepared. We provide the materials previously agreed upon to be installed and proceed to prepare the space for the project. We lay down tarps to protect your home from debris. After the window is properly installed, we clean up our work area, vacuuming if necessary, and dispose of old products to ensure your home is returned to the condition we found it in. Lastly, the AWD installer and customer give the newly installed windows a final check.

What You Can Do To Prepare for the Installation

Installing new windows is a large undertaking and AWD Specialists wants to remind you that there are some responsibilities for homeowners to help prepare for the project. Your responsibilities include:

  • Disconnecting any alarms before the project and reconnecting afterwards, if necessary
  • Removing interior blinds, brackets and other window coverings
  • Moving furniture out of the way of the installation area
  • Moving smaller items from installation area
  • Covering larger items that can’t be moved to protect them from dust
  • Letting us know if there are any fragile items to be aware of (e.g. paintings, plants, flower beds, etc.)

To learn more about how to prepare for your window installation, contact AWD Specialists in Winnipeg.