Frequently Asked Questions

Windows and Doors supplied and installed by TRUE SPECIALISTS

If you have a question that is not listed, feel free to contact us and yes the Northstar windows we offer meet the efficiency requirements for the Greener Homes grant and the Efficiency Manitoba rebate.

What should I start with, if I’m considering having my windows and or doors replaced?

Seems like you’re on the right track, researching the company should be your first step. Upon receiving the comfort and confidence in the company, simply give us a call to schedule an estimate.

What can I expect with the estimate?

Our sales specialists will inspect your existing windows and or doors; listen to your ideas and desires, than proceed to narrow down the options.

Is there a certain way windows or doors should be replaced?

Yes, that’s why we offer free in home estimates. Each individual home is unique with its own character and history. Our estimate includes gathering information from you and combining it with the best possible products and installation.

What kind of information can determine the window, door, or replacement style?

There are many different factors in determining the right products for you, as an example we ask; “Are you doing any other exterior renovations”? A simple question such as this can be extremely important in determining the right products and replacement style. Depending on your answer the right product for you and the replacement style can vary considerably.

What types of products are there?

Upon reviewing our windows section and gallery pictures you’ll notice there are many different options available.

What types of replacements are there?

There are two styles of replacements for windows and one for doors. One style we call a box unit replacement which means a new PVC window is installed into your existing frame (also known as a retrofit). We call the other replacement style a full frame replacement which means your existing window frame, exterior brickmould and interior casings are removed and a new full frame PVC window is installed. When your doors are replaced the existing frame is automatically removed and replaced with a low maintenance exterior frame and energy efficient door panel. The last option is a new opening or modification of an existing opening, which would have a full frame product installed.

What can I expect with the quotation?

Once all the options have been confirmed with your sales specialists, you’ll receive a detailed quote indicating individual window description, operating swing, price per unit, overall description of window detail based on options selected and detail in accordance with chosen installation style and material included. The warranty and lead time will also be indicated on the quotation.

How important are the details with the quotation?

Extremely, we’ve seen quotes from others that have indicated full frame windows, but there terminology is different than ours and the full frame was actually a full frame window installed as a box unit. Meaning the comparison between their quote and our quotation was completely different.

What are your terms for payment?

We require a deposit upon acceptance of order and the balance owing upon job completion. Payments can be made by E-Transfer, Cheque, Cash, Visa, MasterCard or Interac.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, upon approved credit, we offer financing through Manitoba Hydro’s Loan Program. Manitoba Hydro offers convenient financing on your energy bill, up to $7500.00 (o.a.c) for energy efficient upgrades. Click on Calculate your payments for more information.

How do I determine quality and value in windows and doors?

Look for CSA Certification, ENERGY STAR qualified products for our Zone, comprehensive Warranty, solid reputation and established history.

How important is the Warranty?

The warranties are very important but keep in mind the warranty is only as good as the company you’re dealing with. You can ask our suppliers how diligent we operate in completing any type of service issue.  AWD Specialists and our suppliers warranties will be indicated on your quotation and invoice. Please click for Northstar window and sliding patio door warranty brochure.

Who does the installation?

We have our own professional installation personnel.

How long does it normally take from the day I order until the installation?

Generally you can expect the installation date to be scheduled within 6-8 weeks from the order date for window replacements and 8-12 weeks for door replacements (depending on options chosen).

How long does the installation take?

A typical residential home with a living room window, three bedroom windows, one kitchen window, one dining room window and three basement windows should be completed within two days. Overall the number of units and complexity of the installation will determine the time frame. Our sales specialists would be able to offer a more accurate time frame upon reviewing your options and replacement style.

What can I expect with the installation?

Our installation personnel are specialists at window and door replacements and understand the importance of the trust you’ve given us in receiving the order. Our installation personnel work extremely hard to make sure you’re satisfied with the installation and attention to detail that sets us apart from others.

How much of a difference will the new windows and doors make?

The new windows and doors will prevent drafts you may currently be experiencing and the glass area will be much warmer reducing the chill on those cold winter nights. In addition to the improved efficiency, the appearance, added home value and ease of maintenance can be a dramatic difference.

Will new windows and doors save me money?

The weakest link to your home’s thermal efficiency is often your windows and doors. Depending on the efficiency of your existing windows and doors, replacing them can reduce your bills significantly.

Would I be able to fix or repair my existing windows?

Wood and older windows have a limited lifetime. The cost incurred for a short term fix is not an option we recommend or offer.

How much will the new windows and doors cost?

Simply, give us a call, text or email to schedule a free in home estimate.