Greener Homes Grant and Efficiency Manitoba qualified Windows

We only offer the best so it’s no surprise that the NorthStar windows we offer meet the requirements for the Window rebate programs. The Canada Greener Homes grant is a program the homeowner would apply online and make arrangements to receive an audit prior to having the windows replaced. The Canada Greener Homes grant offers a rebate between 125.00 and 250.00 per window. The Efficiency Manitoba rebate is a program that the homeowner would apply for upon completion of the replacements and would qualify for 100.00 per window. AWD will prepare the proper information on the invoice for the grant and rebate upon job completion. Please see link for the Efficiency Manitoba site;

Windows & Doors Rebate


Save Money and More. Choose ENERGY STAR Certified Products.

The ENERGY STAR program has become an international standard to help consumers save energy and money through the purchase of energy efficient products.

The international ENERGY STAR® symbol is a simple way for consumers to identify products that are among the most energy efficient on the market. Only manufacturers and retailers whose products meet the ENERGY STAR® criteria can label their products with this symbol. Choosing an ENERGY STAR® labeled product over a conventional model could save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs.

North Star Windows & Sliding Doors includes Energy Star compliant glass in all of their product lines. To view the North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS) and National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) Thermal & Solar Values ratings for all of their window and patio door products please click on Northstar Windows Canada Greener Homes window specs.

ENERGY STAR Zones – Canada
The three (3) distinct zones that previously existed in Canada have now been combined into one zone. For more information on ENERGY STAR performance levels, visit the Canadian government’s Office of Energy Efficiency’s website.

Manitoba Hydro Home Efficiency Loan

In addition to the rebates, homeowners whom qualify can also finance our Energy Efficient Windows are their Hydro bill-up to 7500.00 (o.a.c). Awd has the application forms to be completed with the homeowner and would arrange to send through to Hydro for processing. Usually within 24-48 hours we receive a response for approval. More information can be found by clicking Calculate your payments.